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An important part of See’s commitment to sustainable business practice, See Coaches delivers a low-carbon emission, easy to use service, whilst ensuring customer comfort and safety

What can we offer?

A close working relationship

To work closely with your traffic management team on extensive and precise pre-event planning, through to careful on site management

Fully trained staff

Supply fully qualified traffic marshals under a dedicated site manager

A personal service

Tailor made ticket and travel packages to offer to new or existing customers via and extensive marketing, utilising See Tickets’ customer database

Peace of mind

With 24 hour emergency cover and comprehensive liability insurance for all coaches and fully briefed drivers with bespoke info packs prior to departure, including full customer lists, directions and See Coaches branded signs

How we can help

From the initial planning right through to providing ground support at your event, See Coaches offers a full service that has spanned more than a decade of transporting gig and festival revellers to some of the biggest events on the calendar.

Client past and present include Glastonbury Festival, SJM Concerts (including events such as Take That, Stone Roses, Coldplay and Foo Fighters) and Matchroom Boxing.

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We have over 15 years’ experience with the biggest events & festivals.

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