Access control

Contactless access
control solution

Make entry to your event a streamlined process with our access control system.

Our Access Control Features:

  • See Access Control App free via IOS App Store
  • Online / offline functionality
  • Simple event selector
  • Manual customer search and validation
  • Real time synchronisation between devices and accompanying online console, with customisable sync rates
  • Detailed CSV / PDF Reports
  • CSV 3rd party barcode import function
  • Pass out function

Our new
contactless solution

Our contactless solution means no physical handling of tickets and no paper tickets. Access Control staff can monitor event entry from a safe distance, as the device clearly displays green for successful entry and red if further intervention is required as well as providing clear, audible alert tones.


  • A high-performance reader for scanning and validating tickets. Real-time synchronisation across devices will allow the organiser to track the number of incoming tickets.
  • Lightness and ease of installation of the mount (charger included) which includes an IOS device and waterproof case, if necessary.
  • Ability to ‘flip’ camera modes to allow customers to self-scan.
  • Each device is equipped with the See Tickets Access Control application

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